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Started in 1925, Fred Simmons and Harry Clark established Simmons & Clark Jewelers on Broadway in downtown Detroit, Michigan. They met while working for another jeweler. They borrowed $5,000.00 and opened their store in October just in time for the busy holiday season. They were a hit and never looked back.

As one of the original credit jewelers in the country, Simmons & Clark began offering payment plans of $1.00 down and $1.00 per week till the balance was paid. Most of their first accounts were City of Detroit Police Officers. Fred and Harry had shown their generosity when in 1925 they donated $100.00 to the Widows and Orphans Fund for the family of a slain Detroit Police Officer. In addition, many other accounts were established from Fred going out and working the milk carts and the Ford Motor factory where Henry Ford was paying an unheard of $5.00 a day in wages.

Though Fred and Harry are gone now, the traditions began in 1925 are continued by Fred's son, George and grandson, Michael. "We have a great generational mix with old school service and reliability combined with the new technologies available to our industry" states Michael Simmons, 3rd generation owner of Simmons & Clark. We are proud of our past and we are excited about our future.

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